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Americas & Caribe Int. Show. / Buenos Aires

Cooper and Bauer took part in the int. Show with great results. Cooper BOB - Cacib - 2nd place and 3rd place in Champion class. Bauer took a 3rd place in his first time in Champion Class being the youngest in the line. Thanks to our Handerl Decio Salvatori and Fernando Burgos for their wonderful work with our boys!!

News Canton Sur

Day Tripper 6 weeks old

Last May 13th was born a Boy out of Amanda and Bauer!!!his name is Day Tripper!

News Canton Sur

National Speciality Shows - April 18th

Super news!!! Again and again! Bauer got BISS over specials today!!! Under judge Mr. Roberto Del Puerto, and JBISS under Judge Mr. Rodolfo Dori, both from Argentina. Thanks to the judges and our handler Decio Salvatori for this fantastic results with our Jr.!